20160330_120124 (1)                                    India is known for many ideological variations and fundamental restrictions from many religious institutions. These extreme differences have disrupted India for Centuries ago. As all of know that the result was country’s partition and a deep division between two main communities, i.e. Hindus and Muslims. Then, at the time of partition, Hindus were against of partition and Muslims were pro partition (After the partition of India, Pakistan was formed).
In an overview, Hindus stood for country side, Muslims stood for community side. Hindus have no objection for chanting Bharat Mata ki Jai (which means, wishes victory of mother land), while Muslims do have their objections in chanting the slogan. From the struggling days for freedom, they have been expressing their objections over chanting Bharat Mata ki Jai or Vande Mataram (Means salute to our Mother Land). The reason behind the objection of chanting the slogan was, just it is anti Islam, as they say. The rift has been prevailing from decades and it might be going on further even.
But, now it is very interesting to hear, it seems like a new situation has erupted in between those two top communities. That is a competition of showing patriotism. After the NDA (National Democratic Alliance) coming into power in 2014, the right wing forces, which are backing the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) led NDA since long time, have emerged as shadow governors. While they are pro Bharatmata, the Muslims and left parties are anti to it. Chanting Bharatmata is and was showing respect to Mother Land. Then automatically the second one goes for anti. This is erected as an unwanted condition to those people, who are nay-chanters. It automatically leads to those, irrespective of party lines and ideological confrontations, who otherwise will fall in a corner of ‘anti nationalists’. If that occurs, a bizarre situation could be faced by Muslim leaders as well as left parties from the public domain. But, chanting of Bharatmata may tend to be as followers of right wing leaders rather than the public leaders.
So, here another slogan of “Hindustan Zindabad” is re-enforced by Muslim rationales and commons. Interception of the new slogan is not only showing of nation’s respect but also protecting their religious beliefs. In this slogan, there is no Mata (Mother), but the land Hindustan. Hindustan is a word, combination of Hindu + Stan, gives full meaning of Place of Hindus. Again, the word Hindustan, is in principle objectionable to Muslims. Because, the word itself confined to Hindus and no merits about Muslims. Even though, the top second community has chosen the slogan to show their nationalist courage. Reason, Hindustan was created by Islamists beyond farther olden days from Persia. We can see some countries names sound similarly like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan etc. Meanwhile, posters and flexi boards showing “Hindustan Zindabad” is attracting many eyes at some main spots of Hyderabad, which is a Muslim dominated location. Besides, it is often a hotbed of communal disharmony even. By exhibiting such a positive concept in the interests of India, MIM (Muzlis Ittehad-ul Muslimeen) leaders put aside the so-called left parties showing patriotism. Now it is theirs (leftists) turn not to lay behind any other political counter parts in competition of patriotism.
In conclusion, once, when it was hardly any person to show his respect to his mother land, now it has become a competition (we can’t say compulsion), that they are not leaning behind of anybody else, in terms of patriotism. We can understand that they are standing heights like sons of the soil as equal as anybody else. They are projecting themselves as they are real patriots in protecting the nation and respecting the nation.
Now one can assume that, a new situation is developed from “nothing to do with nationalism” to “something has to do for nation”. Isn’t it interesting?




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