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It is very interesting to anybody to know how republic tv achieved the top position among Indian news channels just in 12 days of its launching and remaining top till date. For that matter any regular prime time viewer might have eagerly awaited for those 6 months in which Arnab Goswami has not on the screen. As well expected of, Arnab Goswami re-entered with a big debate on 6th May, 2017 on Republic tv. That particular day’s issue was targeting the Bihar Politicians with a sting operation which was even unexpected by a regular viewer. The Sting Operation (SO) had revealed the true colors of RJD leader Laluprasad Yadav, who has close links with Shahabuddin in which the audio tapes revealed Shahabuddin’s alliance with terrorists. Shahabuddin, a former MP of Sivan, a criminal-turned-politician, when he was in jail, had a phone conversation with Lalu about how to deal with the police administration, when any unexpected situation occurs in his constituency.

How republic tv got its first place within no time?

The very beginning debate on Republic tv, Arnab Goswami has questioned the CM of Bihar, who is being considered as would be Prime Minister of India, whether he will react against his co-ruler Lalu or not. That was a big blow to those who are making efforts to pull up the parties against NDA or for a third front. The following up of the debate went on for three to four days, but neither Nitish nor Lalu has come forward to make a statement on that SO. The result of the debate has delivered after 20 days as Nitishkumar had to attend the meeting with Sonia Gandhi with fellow friends but was evaded by. There did not end the matter. More over Nithish kumar had met with the PM Modi on the same day, same time and had meals with him. Who can expect than this major chunk in Indian politics?

Arnab’s tv revelations are Sunanda pushkar’s suspicious death case’s audio tapes, Hyderabad youth links with ISIS, the paid works of stone pelters in Srinagar, the real fabric of Rahulgandhi’s tour to Mandasaur in MP, the Muslim Mullah Barkati’s anti nationalist and pro terrorist stand and many more alike. Most of the debates are well sketched and pre-worked in the national interests. Why not anybody can be unwatched these well anticipated and hyper extensive debates? For that reason anybody can understand that Arnab’s channel might have got the highest tweets in the beginning week itself. And the Channel’s position is becoming better and better as the debates are getting more and more eyeball grabbers. The result of the BARC (Broadcast Audience Research Council) shows the Republic tv is topper than all the national channels together.

Coming to Telugu media, in Hyderabad there are nearly 20 satellite news channels besides with the number of cable channels. But it seems like no channel has the guts to make a sting operation on ISIS links against having a good network and well trained crew in comparison with the new one of Republic tv. According to news, many of the analysts say, one who watches any Telugu channel, there is no need to watch another one. That is the news and debating trend going on in Telugu media. In getting the TRP ratings also the Telugu media has the allegations of bad and unethical practices. Still the Telugu channels are, it seems not interested to re-correct themselves in establishing the good traditions.

Here it is noteworthy that the content whoever is airing is not important but which is being aired. Finally the ultimate king of the TRP is the viewer alone, not the Channel’s management or anybody else.

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