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It is very interesting to anybody to know how republic tv achieved the top position among Indian news channels just in 12 days of its launching and remaining top till date. For that matter any regular prime time viewer might have eagerly awaited for those 6 months in which Arnab Goswami has not on the screen. As well expected of, Arnab Goswami re-entered with a big debate on 6th May, 2017 on Republic tv. That particular day’s issue was targeting the Bihar Politicians with a sting operation which was even unexpected by a regular viewer. The Sting Operation (SO) had revealed the true colors of RJD leader Laluprasad Yadav, who has close links with Shahabuddin in which the audio tapes revealed Shahabuddin’s alliance with terrorists. Shahabuddin, a former MP of Sivan, a criminal-turned-politician, when he was in jail, had a phone conversation with Lalu about how to deal with the…

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